how to dress for a birthday party

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Planning how to dress at your 21st birthday party can be a sartorial angst. The craving to look gorgeous than everybody at the party often leads (for most guys) to making rash dress choices, applying excessive makeup, which can make you look way more “anti-sexy”.


Not as easy as you think

However, to be sincere, dressing for a 21st birthday can leave your family members pondering and even scratching their heads-what could’ve we done?

The pressure

The pressure is not the same. But, just like the sister, mother or grandee of the 21st girl/boy, you’ll always want to look sexy & stylish and at the same time feel good. You don’t want to be that awkward relative whom all the teens spend the twilight dodging.

So, we don’t want you to wake up the next morning regretting. Thus, we have prescribed some inspirational doses to help you navigate through this murky territory.

The real thing

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birthday girl outfits for adults

For moms

If you are so much inclined towards dresses featuring sleeves( I mean those having ankle-grazing hemlines ) and a bright shade, then consider fuchsia-pink, the gorgeous buttercup-yellow or even the emerald-green to make sure that you are erred on the modest fashion’s right side.

Once you have settled on your favorite outfit, punctuate your capacious gown with cool jeweled accessories. Then elevate your looks with a block heel, which can be comfortable in case you find yourself in “the dancing mood”.

best birthday outfit

An elder sister

How should you channel your outfit to depict yourself as a fashion-forward big sister, without robbing your teen sibling’s limelight? Well, you have a lifesaver in the name of wrapping your dress and the kimono.

Pursue the printed and loosely-fitted variation route. Then team it up with marginal jewelry (since a simple gold chain plus a cool Rolex watch can be a powerful combination). Finally, blend it with a pair of sandals (the strappy ones, of course).

bday outfit ideas

For the grandmother

For grandmothers, pursuing the tonal dressing can be a dealmaker, especially when done just right; because it goes with females of all ages. Employ the cue of trusting the perennial style and go for flattering earthy tones – for instance, think in terms of mushroom, terracotta as well as sage.

Never shy away (for God’s sake) from lace. Remember: A sheer sleeve and hemline are likely to soften a structured dress, which will automatically grant it some fluidity. It has worked and it will work, trust me!

Your Own Style

What to wear on your 21st birthday? Create your own ensemble and try out the way you want to be for your crazy night out. It’s your BIG day and you want to look the best. Be it a white suite to have a bossy look or your satin hot birthday outfits. It’s your day and your style. Bring it on!

Share your 21st birthday outfit ideas!