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Kittens are the cutest things ever, and people love to cuddle, watch, and play with them. Kittens can give your hours of adorable interaction and are the first chosen at a shelter. 

However, if you’re considering adopting a cat, please consider adopting an old cat. Despite popular belief, older cats for adoption are not necessarily all troublemakers. In some cases, an older cat was never adopted out as a kitten because he was always passed over by a cuter kitten, or he sadly lost his family.

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Cats rarely give people a hard time since they are so independent minded. Show a cat where the litter box is, and he’s usually set. A cat will be infinitely happy to get out of a shelter and into a loving home in most cases. Of course, adopting an older cat is not a matter of walking into a shelter and pointing a cat out. You need to gauge your compatibility and learn as much of the cat’s history as possible, but remember, shelters are scary places and a cat may also appear more neurotic under caged conditions than he will in your home.

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Last October, I adopted a pair of sisters who were litter mates. They were the last of their litter to find homes, and it took them much longer than expected. Part of their problem was they were a bonded pair, and the rescue refused to separate them. My sweet girls spent time in the shelter home waiting, in foster homes waiting, and even in PetSmart waiting for a forever home, but no home came for them.
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Desirous of having a cat back in my life I saw one of my friends had posted a Facebook photo of the two sisters begging for a good home. His wife volunteered for the rescue organization that was trying to find Juno and Lia a good home. I decided to give my friend a call and meet the girls. While in the foster home, I was assured of their sweet dispositions and strong sisterly bond, yet these two cats would have nothing to do with me. Despite the lack of interest, they showed me; I decided to adopt them.
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The transformation was instant. A thirty-minute car ride home, they were in a new space. While they explored their new space, I set their litter boxes up and showed them the location. I was slightly apprehensive of the litter box training, but Juno and Lia had this training down. Within hours, my two girls bonded with me and are now inseparable. I, for one, feel my luck in adopting two older cats and suggest everyone consider it too when adopting a new cat.