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This is it, with every passing day I get closer to the age I’ve dreaded since childhood, 40. During the time when I was growing up, 40 was considered “over the hill.” 

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It was the defining age for most of my generations parent’s where they said goodbye, forever to their youth. At least, that was what we young people thought. Regardless, each milestone birthday I had never carried the same gravity of fear and worry that turning 40 had for me; not even 30.

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As I get closer to 40, I’m starting to review my thirties, and I’ve found some great insight I need incumbent on passing to all the 29-year-olds out there who are fretting over the big 30-year milestone. Health and beauty aside, this is the real deal, so here goes.

  • You are beautiful. We see the passage of time as a threat to our beauty and complain over our complexion, hair, weight, and so on. However, there will come a day when you’re in your forties when you see all those Instagram and Facebook photos you took and see the real beauty in your features. Let yourself see your beauty now!


  • Listen more. This is a big one. Learn to listen to people and speak less. You will gain much more knowledge be less rude to other people.
  • Spend time with your folks. Your parents might still be young and strong, but there may come a time when they are having problems, especially as they age. They may lose the faculties of their minds and require more one-on-one care. Enjoy them while they are young.
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  • Don’t mind what other people think. We tend to be obsessed with pleasing people and being what we think they want. The truth is, they don’t know what they want either. Be yourself and forget those who would criticize you otherwise. Focus on being you and self-sufficient. Practice self-love often and do for yourself often.