classy outfits for women

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Wardrobe staples will never change. I mean, the items that make people look good are consistent year in year out. They are actually those classic pieces one will never tire of.

These items can be blended with any new bits. Simply put, they are the actual building blocks of that wardrobe you’ve been dreaming about. Talk of the jeans to wear on repeat, the leather jacket you can layer over each wedding dress, not forgetting those black heels you can put on to every meeting.

Perfect white tee

classic style women's clothing

Whether you are looking to layer this under a slip dress, or just want to go classic with jeans, the perfect white tee is a cool and easy starting point.

Skinny jeans

wardrobe outfits
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While skinny jeans are slowly fading away from the market, they are still very important for your wedding event. You can try a cropped version, which is super flattering on any body type.

Black pumps

classic style women's clothing
The black pumps is a reliable as well as a versatile option when it comes to shoes. All you need to do is to select carefully; go for something that is comfortable and classy.

White button-down

wardrobe outfits

The white button-down is always a smart choice. You will never go wrong with this type of outfit.

Pencil skirt

young professional wardrobe

The good thing about pencil skirts is that they are fast moving out of the office into the weekend look.
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Leather jacket

classic outfits

The leather jacket is a serious contender when it comes to pairing with everything you own. That pretty dress you intend to wear to your friend’s wedding? Yep. A pair of Jeans? Definitely. White shirt? Of course. Believe me, a leather jacket is a versatile accessory and is a must-have in your wardrobe.

Menswear-inspired watch

women's wardrobe essentials

A classic menswear featuring a golden watch is something that can give your guise an oomph. You can try an oversized male watch.

Neutral flats

elegant woman wardrobe

Heels aren’t the only way you can be smart with. You can count on a decent pair of flats to do a nice job as far as your looks are concerned.